Cambridgeshire Lavender
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Do we need to book before we come?
No booking / online booking is required. There is ample parking for cars only.


Can we get in and park if we are early before 10.00am?
No, gates will open at 10.00am please no parking at the gate or on the busy main road.


Are there any shops/ petrol stations nearby?
Yes, 0.8 miles from us in Bluntisham there is a BP petrol station. St Ives offer many supermarkets en route to the lavender farm if you need to stop to get picnic supplies!


Am I allowed to bring my own food/picnic?

Yes, we have a picnic area, however, please take all your rubbish home, we have limited rubbish bin allowance.

Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol?

Sorry, no alcohol is allowed on site.

Can I bring my pram?
Yes you can bring your pram.


Can my wheelchair get down the rows?

The field is accessible by wheelchair however it is a working farm where tractors and heavy machinery pass over all the land, therefore it is a little bumpy!

Are there any disabled parking spaces?
Yes we have reserved spaces closer to the picnic area. Please speak to the person on the gate when paying the entrance fee.


Can I pick lavender in all the fields?
The largest main plot you can pick both varieties of lavender. The new smaller plot nearest the parking is a non picking plot.


Why can't we pick the small plot of lavender?
This plot is not yet mature enough to be picked. It will be used to harvest for essential oil and stock our giftshop.

Are both varieties of lavender in bloom at the same time?
One half of the field (‘Hidcote’ English lavender) begins to flower first with a cross over period with both in bloom usually late July. There will always be one variety in full bloom during the opening period.


Can we see the oil being distilled?

Currently we do not distil the lavender in the field.

Can I take pictures?
yes you can take pictures. If you are sharing on social media please be sure to tag us at #cambridgeshirelavender. If you are a professional photographer doing a photoshoot please visit the photography page for more guidance.


Are drones permitted?
We do not allow any drones to fly in the lavender field. We have an active runway for microlights and light aircraft therefore pose a hazard to aircraft.


I’m a photographer can I bring clients to your field?
Yes but they must pay the entrance fee.


Are dogs allowed?
Sorry, no dogs are allowed to enter the field or to be left in cars.


Am I allowed to walk through the wheat crops?

No, that part of the field with crops belongs to another farmer and will be considered trespassing. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to wander through the wheat or pick the wheat. Please do not allow any rubbish to blow into the wheat field. You will be asked to leave the premises if caught in the wheat field.

Am I allowed to wander through the orchard next to the lavender?
No, that is another farmers orchard. Under no circumstances are you allowed to enter the orchard land or pick any fruit, this will be considered as trespassing.


Can I bring my motorhome or caravan in?
We can only accommodate cars.


I don’t want to pick any lavender do I still need to pay?
Only under 5s get free entry.


Do you offer any Workshops?
We plan to offer lavender wreath workshops and demonstrations.


Do you have an online Shop?
At the moment we are not selling our products online.