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Our Story

Have you ever stumbled across something new and found your calling? Well, that was us! In 2019 we visited our first Lavender farm as a family of 3 (now a family of 4). We were blown away with what a wonderful experience we all had. It was a truly breath-taking seeing an abundance of lavender, bees and the happiness of everyone all around. So, from that moment we ploughed on headfirst and knees deep in to planning our field of dreams.

We still hold full time and part time jobs within the Events and NHS sectors, so it has been a full on few years researching, planting, having another baby and getting ready to open for the very first time to visitors this summer.

We are proud to say we run our lavender farm without the use of any chemicals or pesticides. We follow organic practices however we are not certified organic. We feel that being environmentally friendly is in the best interest for not only the wildlife but for our visitors and us as a farming family.


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