Cambridgeshire Lavender
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Our Lavender

Currently we have 2 different species of lavender within our picking field. There are 38 rows to walk up and down totalling approximately 3.5 miles of lavender!

The field is equally split between the two varieties.

Our first to bloom variety is an English lavender known as Lavandula Angustifolia “Hidcote”, it typically blooms anytime from late June to July depending on the weather. It produces exceptionally vivid purple blooms short in stature (stem length 30-40cm). We use this variety for wreaths and dried bunches as it retains its colour well. It has a delicate sweet floral scent making it ideal for culinary use. We also produce essential oil from it.

Our other variety is called Lavandula x Intermedia “Grosso” this variety blooms later from mid-July to August. It is a hybrid lavender also known as lavandin crossed between L. Angustifolia and L. Latifolia. It produces impressive long stems of lavender flowers (stem length 60-70cm). It is a lighter purple/lilac in colour giving the field a 2-tone contrast when both varieties are flowering together. It is heavily scented and smells fabulous fresh and dried. We use this variety in our dried lavender sachets. We also produce essential oil from it.

Over time we plan to expand our lavender varieties to showcase how wonderful and diverse their flowers are.